Real Ways to Make Money From Home || Make Money Online In 2020

I’m going to be talking about how you can make money. I’m going to be showing you THREE WAYS that you can make an income online without leaving your house.

How Two Earn Money Online

earn money online

THE FIRST WAY and most effective in my opinion is to start a drop shipping store now I know you may have heard the drop shipping isn’t really possible right now and while it’s definitely harder there is no better time to learn the craft of Shopify drop shipping and have methods in place ready to execute when the shipping times are back to normal if you aren’t aware of drop shipping you basically build an online store run ads on your store to get customers and when someone comes to your store and buys a product from you. You place an order for the exact same product directly from a manufacturer and they ship the product from their warehouse to the customer meaning you don’t have to touch the product or even see it you will raise the price of the product on your website greater than what the manufacturer charges you which is where your profit comes from I’m now going to run through how you can start drop shipping with a super low budget in order to maximize profit in the beginning I’m going to go through this as quickly as possible find a product which is currently doing well in the market through looking for ads on your Facebook and Instagram news feed look for ads with the most likes comments and views and make sure the ad is still getting engagement on a daily basis then head over to the Facebook ad library and search the name of the Facebook page you just saw advertising that product within this you can see all the types of ads that this page is running and you want to make sure that they are running a lot of ads for this certain product. Drop shipping was the perfect way into making money online.

THE SECOND WAY is to start a Vlog or YouTube channel now I’m talking about a compilation type channel where you can legally reuse content in your videos and make money from YouTube ads. YouTube channel because chances are you have a hobby that you can talk about on and on without getting bored and that topic can be the basis of your YouTube channel building an audience on a channel like that versus building an audience on a compilation type channel is much more valuable because having a personal brand and having people who know who you are can be super beneficial in the long run YouTube can also pay pretty well if you start ranking in a decent amount of views every video you upload and the ad revenue that you can earn definitely translates to a nice add-on in your bank account for me. if you make a video on YouTube and get 10 million views YouTube page creators an average of three dollars per1000 views meaning that this video with ten million views likely earned around 30,000 US dollars in ad revenue.

THE THIRD WAY is bookkeeper now a bookkeeper is just someone who helps a business or an individual keep their finances organized. Basically, there are many different ways that you can learn how to become a bookkeeper you can actually get a two or a four year degree that will teach you everything. You need to know, or there are lots of shorter term training programs that teach you how to be a bookkeeper and as little as three or six months, and there’s also the option to actually just learn on the job booking burst typically earned about twenty dollars per hour and it’s something that you cannot do from home, either for local clients or you can do from home, working with remote clients and communicating with them online. And just so you’re aware there are different types of financial professions,such as an accountant or bookkeeper or financial advisor, and many of them do require some type of certification or other prerequisite, but there actually isn’t any such restrictionson being a bookkeeper.

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